Biography Of Nityananda Brahmachari

Brahmachari Nityananda Balya nicknamed Nitai, born on January 1, 1937. Father Kashinath Roy, Mother Chapla Devi.

Location Khulna district of East Bengal. Presently in Pipradanga village under Chitalmari police station of Bagerhat district of Bangladesh. He is the youngest of three children of his parents. It is said that after 13 months of staying in the mother’s womb, Sadhak Prabar was born with the blessings of the poet Rajendra Sarkar. At the age of only 13, the family-difficult Nityananda Abul Aghadi set out on the path to find a righteous guru and became the disciple of the accomplished man Baba Shukadev Brahmachari. Shukdev was a saint following the ideals of Tagore Hariguru Chad.

So his initiation into Hari Mahamantra was successful. By birth, he is a close friend of poet saint Rajendra Sarkar. Later Pagal Bicharan, Upen Pagal , Jagdish Pagal etc. were touched by the blessed touch of the Siddha Sadhaka personality. Another poet-singer Sadhan personality also came close to folk poet Vijay Sarkar.

He himself established the Sadhanakshetra of Pipradanga. In his own words, he said that the celibate father had named the ashram, ‘Vishwashuk Hari-Guru-Chand Sevashram, currently four of his ashrams have been established in Bangladesh and India. He established a large ashram in village Sanekpur under Gopalnagar police station of Bangaon subdivision of North 24 Parganas district of West Bengal, India.

Every year thousands of devotees from different states and places of India and Bangladesh gather there on the occasion of Hari Guru Chand birth anniversary and Mahotsav, Basanti Puja, Rasotsav. Sadhaka Nityananda The hard-working synod Sadhaka Nityananda added both spiritual conviction and social orientation to his sadhana life by reciting “Hate Kam Mukhe Naam” on the one hand.

A Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery degree holder himself, he naturally encourages the devotees in modern medicine over mantra-tantra. Saint Nityananda’s source of this musical composition is in the village of Pipradanga, which is blessed with natural beauty in East Bengal. He himself is a music composer, composer and vocalist with this extraordinary talent, Nityananda is a free roamer in the world of music as well as a fan and adept in everyday life. Therefore, he also advises the common devotee to lead a moderate and domestic life.

166 songs have been compiled in the current book ‘Nityananda Geetimalya’. In his music, Ishwar has been able to create an indescribable form of art, with unflinching devotion to God, unyielding self-sacrifice, gravity, physicality and human love. Although Deeksha Guru Shukdev Brahmachari Baba followed the Vaishnavism tradition, he followed the ideals of Matua Dharma introduced by Hariguru Chand.

Naturally, Nityananda Matua presented his music in remembrance of the Guru by selecting ideals. Nityananda, a devout celibate, accepted God as Jagat Swami. In his ideals God is true but the world is not false. So in absolute dependence he surrendered himself to the devotion of the mystical relationship in the divine life