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Upcomming Events: Krishna Janmashtami: Wed, 6 Sept, 2023 | Sandha Arati Time: 7.30 PM To 8.30 PM Everyday

About Nityananda Dham

Nityananda Dham, led by Sri Sri Nityananda Brahmachari Maharaja, is dedicated to spreading joy and God consciousness. Their focus is on inspiring people to chant the Harinam Mahamantra, evident in their Harinam Mahotsav. Beyond spiritual pursuits, they provide sustenance, clothing, aid, and the Holy Name’s power, aiming to elevate and empower individuals. Their selflessness cultivates compassion, harmony, and devotion, fostering a better world. Nityananda Dham’s mission extends to remote villages, nurturing inner peace and societal unity through the Holy Name. They champion moral and spiritual rejuvenation across castes and nations, uniting all in a divine journey.

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Our Sebait

Shri Shri Premanand Maharaj 

(Chief prist of Shri Shri Nityananda Dham and he is the present Guru Maharaj For Diksha and Siksha)

Shri Prankrishna Das 

(Sebait and Incharge for Daily Puja ) 

Shri Krishna Kripa Das 

(Sebait and Incharge for Daily Puja )

Our Devotees Social Work

Naro Narayan Seva Free Food
Free Clothes Distribution
Free Medical Camp and Free Medicine

Timeline of Events

  • Open Time Morning: 4.30 AM To 12.30 PM.
  • Open Time Evening: 4.00 PM To 9.30 PM
  • Sandha Arati Time: 7.30 PM To 8.30 PM Everyday
  • Every sunday Geeta Path : 7 PM

Upcomming Events

  •   Basanti Puja : Monday, 15 April, 2024

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Shri Shri Nityananda Dham foundation stands like a light house, to guide the cost towards their purpose in life. Everyday the worship at the temple, gives us a peak in to the magnificance of golak dham.

An anointed team of priest, who carry the fire of blessings from god,gives us an experiance of such eupharia that makes it impossible to go back to the old way of life.We seeing, not bacause we love our voice,but because the god put’s a song in our heart,we dance,not because we “Fell the beat “but because we are always with god.

We shout,not because we love to scream, but because our lord krishna is golak dham is more than worthy of our parise.

It is an experience like none other!

It is so addictive that it will have you coming back for more because the world can never offer you the unique joy,unmatched peace and ultimate satisfaction of a daily prayer.